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A dictionary of terms and detailed explanations regarding the functioning of state security organizations facilitates the interpretation of published data.

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Dziennik archiwalny (Archival log) a book recording the archiving of files in chronological order; an inventory of operative and personal files, kept separately for each category of  operative and personal files (archive number, operative files, personal files); a type of archival inventory book. The "archival logs" had the following symbols: I for agent files (KTW, TW, KO, KS, holders of MK and LK, etc., OZI); II for operative case files (SOS, SOR, KE, TEOK); III for investigation control files; IV for object (theme) files (sometimes also KE files); V for personal files of Security Service (SB) officers; VI for personal files of Citizens' Militia (MO) officers; VII for personal files of civilian employees of the Ministry of the Internal Affairs; VIII for personal files of soldiers of the Ministry of the Internal Affairs; IX for employees of the State Fire Service Headquarters; A for travel dossiers archived at the Ministry of the Internal Affairs; K for control dossiers of operative cases produced by the Ministry the Internal Affairs.

SEE ALSO Brakowanie, Archiwizacja, Akta operacyjne, Akta personalne | Personal files, Numer archiwalny | Archival reference number, Numer rejestracyjny | Registration number, Figurant, Kryptonim (kr., krypt.) | Cryptonym, Pseudonim (ps.) | Pseudonym, Zabarwienie sprawy, Teczka obiektowa | Object dossier, Teczka zagadnieniowa | Theme dossier, Teczka personalna TW | TW personal dossier, Kwestionariusz ewidencyjny (KE) | Record questionnaire, Materiał wstępny | Initial material, Teczka ewidencji operacyjnej na księdza (TEOK), Kandydat na tajnego współpracownika (KTW) | Candidate for secret collaborator, Tajny współpracownik (TW), Kontakt operacyjny (KO) | Operative contact, Kontakt służbowy (KS) | Official contact, Dysponent lokalu kontaktowego (lokalu przejściowego, lokalu bazy, punktu odbioru),


Dziennik archiwalny mikrofilmów (Microfilm archival log) an archival log for the archived microfilmed files. The serial number of the "microfilm archival log" was also the archival reference number of the microfilm, not always corresponding to the archival reference number of the microfilmed files. "Microfilm archive log" were kept separately for each operative file symbol (I, II, III, IV) and administrative files.


Dziennik koordynacyjny (Coordination log) a book recording in chronological order the information provided by Bureau "C" of the Ministry of the Internal Affairs (the "C" division of a local unit) to a Security Service (SB) operative unit about a person checked in the general information card-index, in case this person was of an "operative interest" to another SB unit.


Dziennik rejestracyjny (Registration log) a book recording in chronological order all "operative interests" and operative procedures of the Security Service (SB) – i.e. candidates for collaborators and different categories of collaborators and operative cases or "operative securing". Personal details were not included in the registration log (due to the secrecy of  operative interests). Department I of the Ministry of the Internal Affairs kept a separate registration log (as well as card-index) to register agents and operative cases of SB intelligence (registry of operative cases and operative documentation of Department I of the Ministry of the Internal Affairs).