About the project

About the project

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The Inventory delivers basic information about the IPN collections, enabling the identification of topics or persons referred to the records

IPN Archival Inventory

The amendment of the Act on the Institute of National Remembrance of 18 March 2010 required the IPN to publish an archival inventory providing a description of the holdings at the archival unit level ( Data Description ).

Since then, the inventory has been systematically supplemented with new records ( Search Field ). The published records are arranged according to the divisions of the Institute’s archive, covering groups of file creators and collections according to their organization and range of activity.

The inventory is equipped with a search engine system to help the user easily find information of interest ( How to Search ).

In 2023, the unveiling of the new version of the website took place, giving a new look and features.

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A number of visual and functional changes have been introduced, which facilitate and improve the use of the service. The site is available for various devices (including mobile), in two language versions – Polish and English.  We have added a contrasting version of the website and the possibility to enlarge the text.

The Search Field section has been enriched by advanced search options, which allows the utilization of precise search criteria (e.g. filtering according to dates or other chosen fields). The document descriptions come from the Digital Archive system and are in Polish. However, English-speaking users will find the search engine easier to use thanks to the translated navigation and function buttons. The new “Query” function makes it easier to save results as well as the possibility to generate a search report in the form of a PDF. 

The complete database of the IPN archival holdings – the Digital Archive – is available in the reading rooms of IPN archives across the country, and in accordance with the Act, it can be accessed by researchers and journalists.