Donate documents

Donate documents

We encourage you to unearth your family collections of documents and objects revealing forgotten or unknown family histories

The Archive Full of Remembrance Project

History is not only grand events – history is also the experiences of every person and every family. Without getting to know them, the picture of our past is incomplete.

We are particularly interested in documents, photographs, mementoes and accounts, as well as any type of material (letters, memoirs, diaries, speeches, lectures, films, audio and video cassettes, forms, or documents) illustrating the history of the Polish Nation in the years 1939-1990.

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Archive Full of Remembrance

Once given to the archival collection of the Institute of National Remembrance, your private collections will form part of the national archival collection and will be protected by law.

They will be stored perpetually and with due diligence, having been formerly properly examined and appropriately secured. The information they contain will survive to the benefit of future generations.

Fragments of History – read and listen

Family treasures are often obscure documents and objects, but they tell the personal histories of the people behind them. Learn about these ‘scraps’ of history, which thanks to cooperation between donors and historians, will not be forgotten. Captivatingly prepared articles and podcasts will reach a broad range of people.

Scraps of History – read and listen